Comprehensive Training in Hypnosis
Practical Training

​Start a new career or integrate hypnotherapy into your current practice

Certified Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist Program

Professional Hands On Education

Hypno Education provides superior education in hypnosis. We offer superior top notch hypnosis education and training.

Hypno Education issues two primary certifications.

Our certified hypnotist program is approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists.NGH is the world's oldest and largest professional hypnosis organization. 

Our certified hypnotherapist program Counts as 75 hours for therapists and meets the requirements of Rule 64B4-7.002, F.A.C., and is being offered by an approved provider for hypnosis training as determined by Rule 64B4-6.006, F.A.C. This 75 hour course meets and exceeds the required 50 hour hypnosis training required for licensed professionals (LMHC, LMFT, or LCSW) to practice hypnotherapy in the state of Florida.

Each of these certifications include certification by the National Guild of Hypnotists and includes a one year membership. offers a three, 3 day weekend 9 day certification program and a 9 days in a row training program. This hands on training program will engage students in learning the lost healing art of hypnosis. Students will be able to conduct hypnosis after day 1!

​                         Students will Receive:

                                    -Copy of Ethics & Standards
                                    -Classic Induction Scripts
                                    -Course Outlines

                                    -Course book
                                    -Hands on Practice

​Students graduating from our program will be competent hypnotists and prepared to utilize their new skill in professional practice.

You Will Learn:

What is hypnosis?

Preliminary Suggestibility Tests

Favorable and unfavorable influences

Cautions of Hypnosis - Learn who not to hypnotize

Brief History of Hypnosis

How to Hypnotize

​How to Classify Clients

How to determine whether your clients are more visual, auditory or kinesthetic

Methods of Emergence - Safe emergence, counting, time emergence

Depth Stages of Hypnosis - measure how deeply a subject has gone into hypnosis

Suggestion Management - indirect suggestions, direct suggestions, permissive suggestions, and authoritative suggestions.

Deepening techniques

Conscious and Subconscious

Mechanical Aids

Anesthesia and Analgesia management

Structuring Session with a Client

Influencing Factors In Hypnosis

Smoking Cessation, Weight Management, and Stress Management

Advanced Induction Techniques -progressive relation, eye fixation, rapid inductions, distraction/confusion methods

Transpersonal inductions and imagery/suggestions

Assessment Goal Setting and Reinforcement

Hypnosis Practice how should it be structured

Age Regression

Techniques for hyper-amnesia

Post hypnotic suggestions

And more.....